Saturday, July 19, 2008

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A view of the folks that walk around San Antonio Texas

This pleasant young woman informed me that if I took her picture again she would have her thug boyfriend (pushing the baby cart) throw me into the canal. He wanted to do it anyway but she told him no. As hot as it was a short swim would have been refreshing.

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The business community in San Antonio is very engaged in keeping the cost of doing business down. Cameras are everywhere and you are subject to search and restrictions on how you enter and walk in a place of business. I hope and pray that where I live that someday we can have the same kind of affection and concern showered upon us here in the Pacific Northwest.

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This is the San Antonio air port on my return flight home.

A Suspicious 77 year old terrorist suspect getting much needed attention from a gallant African TSA trooper I watched them pull this woman out of line to single her out for a random search. Thank God that they did!

It's very reassuring to me to know that my safety is in such competent hands I later spoke with the suspect and she told me her age. She said she is always nervous when she goes through airport security and said maybe that is why she gets searched so much. I wonder about her. I hope for everyones concern that she is at least put on a list to insure she is watched.

Double click pictures for a close up view.

I took two pictures and was about to take more when I was told directly to stop. I then realized why I was being asked to stop. I have to admit that I was somewhat ashamed of myself but it should have been obvious to me that heroes are modest individuals and don’t like their bravery photographed.

The cost of freedom is blood in both peace and war. If you are 'willing to trade a little freedom for security then you deserve neither' the word freedom should be ripped from your vocabulary because you are incapable of understanding the concept.

So don't complain, grovel, wear your flip flops, endure the humiliation smile at your master and the day will come when you won't mind. In fact you will demand it because you will think it necessary to protect your spineless quivering form that may once have been a man but is now a human cockroach. So crawl away... go live in peace and prosper under the shadow of swords.

This fine clean cut "youth" was not searched.

View the following pictures carefully as you may be offended.

These pictures should arouse disgust in any civilized person who views it. This is how America once boarded airlines. If you have the stomach for it I suppose this kind of thing can be tolerated.
Sickening isn’t it, that this sort of thing once occurred in our country!! No security! Anyone of them could have been a terrorist!

Proper airport foot ware for a docile, compliant conquered people.

Tall Texan in San Antonio

The Alamo!! You are not allowed to take pictures inside the Alamo. Why I cannot tell you.

Two of the guys I served with in Vietnam. Left of me is Mike Hale, right of me is Lupe. I was in San Antonio, Texas
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