Sunday, October 01, 2006

D-Day on the Island of Whidbey we have successfully deployed Rat Attack Technology (RAT for short) this new technology has successfully repelled one know attack thus far. Three traps fired over the last week and I expect more in the future. You too can have similar results by deploying your own RAT system. Again your best defense is a good offense. Home of the brave and land of the rats on the run!!!

On Whidbey Island we have had some big problem with RATS nesting in our cars by pulling out fire wall insulation and making a nest on the engine.

Here are the results of a devastating RAT attack on a defenseless car’s power plant. We had been advised to try a passive defense with the deployment of offensive smell technology via placing cotton balls with a liberal dousing of peppermint oil. We were told that RATS did not like the smell and would leave upon smelling the odor. You are looking at the results of the second RAT attack. So much for passive defense